11 Life Altering Wealth Principles for Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers.

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Mindset and action are essential components for people who have big plans they wish to achieve. But how do you take the wish and put it into motion? This is a requirement for you when you desire to achieve prosperity in your work and personal life. No matter where you begin, you can ascend to what you have envisioned. It takes solid information, practical strategies and applications, and a commitment to the results you crave in life. Samantha Brookes is offering you a single source of information based on proven results to help you achieve this. Remove the uncertainty and learn the “how” of creating your success through learning the 11 life-altering wealth principles Samantha has used in her life. These action-oriented principles do work for those who are committed to taking charge of their goals. The take-aways are waiting for you and they will change your life’s course when put into action. It begins with understanding the essence behind the “cash is queen” philosophy. It is a game-changer!  Are you interested in an opportunity to experience growth in the areas of your life that matter most? If you are, you are ready for what Samantha shares in her powerful book. It’s time to align your intentions with your actions. Take the steps to reveal the results you seek.

Steps Include

✔️ How Success Isn’t an Art; It’s a Science

✔️  Why Profit Matters

✔️  The Meaning of Your Life, Your Responsibility

✔️  Why You Must Act!

and much more...
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I was fortunate enough to receive one of the first copies of “Cash is Queen” and let me tell you, this book will have you thinking on a whole different level! Well done Samantha, well done!

Damon Allen
CFL Quarterback

“Samantha’s book is truly an incredible fountain of information on creating a path to improve your finances through mental conditioning. Make cash your queen”.

Speedy Claxton
NBA Player

Samantha Brookes did a wonderful job with this easy to read and inspiring book. Cash is Queen is the number one entrepreneurial book of the year.

Janessa Hamilton

An entrepreneurs dream! Keeping this one on my desk for quick reference. A must read!

Natalia-Marva Williams
Private Lender

A delightful book full of important information for those of us who want to enjoy a life of financial freedom, a must read.

Nicole Richards

This book is now my go-to! Great read! I have some work to do to improve my business.

Raquel Padilla
Real Estate Agent